ONKOMER became operational in 1997 as a Private Oncology Center. In our Treatment Center, radiotherapy services are meticulously applied by a very large staff consisting of radiation oncology specialists, radiation physicists, radiation nurses, and radiotherapy technicians under the guidance of experienced faculty members. In parallel with the developments in science and technology, ONKOMER has been continuously renewed technologically and has reached today. It has the latest products of radiotherapy technology and experienced staff, each of whom is trained in oncology.

One of the treatment devices in ONKOMER, which has been completely renewed, HALCYON is a new generation linear accelerator, which is brought to Turkey for the first time, is state-of-the-art technology and can apply all kinds of radiotherapy techniques. HALCYON is a new generation radiotherapy device that has combined the capabilities of intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), volumetric modulated arc treatments (VMAT) in one device. It can perform modern radiotherapy methods in a single device in all kinds of oncological diseases, from punctual very small areas to very long areas, from deep tumors to superficial skin tumors.

TRUEBEAM STX is a new generation treatment technology that can provide strong point irradiation. While rotating with the device, it combines dose and imaging to give a beam. When radiotherapy is followed by respiratory movement, it is possible to give a high treatment dose with accuracy to the world.

Brachytherapy services are provided by GAMMAMEDPLUS HDR, and besides gynecological uterine and cervical internal treatments, all kinds of a cavity, tubular organs, and intra-tissue radiotherapy applications are performed.

Computed Tomography Simulator (GE OPTIMA CT580 RT) can join the system communication network and width enough for patients with a span of 80 centimeters can easily fit in the treatment position.

COMPUTERIZED PLANNING SYSTEM is a smart system that can make smart segmentation, smart multimodal imaging, video, detect and solve a different situation in the treatment plan with 100% imaging, make adaptive planning, and work on the communication network with all devices. During the radiotherapy process, it is very important to immediately detect field changes due to the patient's weight loss or tumor shrinkage. This system; is a state-of-the-art new generation planning system that can contribute to field determination, contouring, field change and error detection, and adaptation according to the situation by using artificial intelligence in radiotherapy planning. Communication between devices is established with the ARIA system.