A good radiotherapy application requires technology and teamwork. The cooperation of radiation oncologists, radiation physicists, and radiation technicians is also essential in treatment planning. The planning of the treatment to be given, the amount of the dose, the number of fractions, the area to be treated, the control of physical calculations and doses, the patient's care is carried out by the radiation oncologist, while physical calculations, dosimetric measurements, quality controls are carried out by expert radiation physicists, treatment practices are performed by radiation technicians and physicians. implemented under the control of a physicist.

After the planning is completed, our secretaries will call you and inform you of the name, date, and time of your treatment device. When the treatment time comes, the knowledgeable and experienced technician who is responsible for the treatment device will tell you; You will provide your treatment card, the gown you will wear during the treatment, the cover you will wear on the treatment table, the necessary treatment information and you will start to receive treatment. You will be called for treatment by announcing at a certain time every day except Saturday and Sunday. Your treatment is 2-7 minutes, except for undressing, getting dressed, lying on the table, and getting up. This period includes “port” which are area films that are taken every day and determine the accuracy of the treatment. Your treatment may take 4-6 weeks depending on the type of your illness. You mustn't move during treatment. For some of your sicknesses in your areas (head, neck, buttocks, etc.), light plastic materials that can be put on signs, soften in hot water but take the shape of the body and solidify at normal temperature, can be used as a mask to prevent you from moving, please do not worry. During the short treatment, you will not feel or hear anything, you will have no pain or ache. Sometimes there may be some noise while the device is rotating, so you don't need to worry.