It is a device for imaging and planning the pre-treatment patient in the treatment position. For successful radiotherapy, first, the tumor and its surrounding tissues must be displayed correctly, the center must be connected to the communication network in which the planning system is in, the disease must be shown correctly in the successful and treatment position, and a time-adjusted system (RPM) must be found. This new generation 4-Dimensional Planning CT in ONKOMER covers all these features required for success and prepares the patient for the treatment in the best way. The patient entrance opening of Computed Tomography is 80 cm and it is wider than standard tomography. The device has 65cm of view and can take a section thickness less than 1mm. Very easy registration and integration of MR, PET, SPECT, and other CT information adds a different dimension to this special CT Simulator and prepares patients ideally for treatment.


Contribution of RPM (Real-Time Position Management): It provides Synchronized Imaging and Treatment of Breathing. RPM System is a non-invasive, video-sourced system that provides regular monitoring and treatment in upper abdominal, breast, and lung cancer treatments. It is very easy and fast to use. The RPM system allows the physician to determine the position of the tumor and the respiratory relationship of the patient. For this job, there is a marker placed on the patient that helps to show organ movement and an infrared camera system that follows that marker. While the planning CT of the patient is taken, the breathing and exhalation function of the patient is determined in the system and recorded in the form of waves. The same system interrupts or starts the treatment according to the respiratory function of the patient with the help of the imaging system in the device during the treatment so that the moving tumor is treated correctly. In addition, this process is called Dynamic Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT).