End of treatment control; At the end of your treatment, your doctor will check you, and a report about your treatment will be prepared, checked by your doctor, and given to you. You can consult your doctor on any issue that you have in mind.

Post-Treatment Follow-up: After the treatment is over, you will apply to your physician, who sent you to radiotherapy, with your report. Your disease will disappear completely at the end of the treatment, as the recovery process continues later, more significant improvement can be seen and partial response can be obtained. Your radiation oncologist will evaluate the response and report it to the doctor who sent you. Therefore, you may be asked for a controlling x-ray taken one or two months after the completion of your radiotherapy. It will be appropriate to show these films to both your radiation oncologist and the doctor who directed you and to be checked by two doctors. You can make your next oncological follow-up with the physician or physician you want.